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Vampire, Werewolf, Aliens, Quiet Suburban Cannibals, A Murderous Ex-Girlfriend, Killer Clown, Bigfoot, A Neighbor with a lot of anger, and others. A flash fiction collection of horror stories 800 words or less by Steven Farkas. Get it today!

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Head banging flesh tearing gorefest The Zombie Roller Derby Chicks from Hell. Part One: a rabid disease breaks out during a roller derby bout in a NJ seaside town. It takes only hours to spread town wide. Part Two: the zombies lead by the derby zombies spread the disease throughout the state.

A sickness moves across the land killing everyone in its wake. Turning rational people into scared people committing evil acts. What sent the virus? What is the Seeker? Did the Earth decide to rid itself of the human parasites destroying its body? Will there be any answers? Who knows!

Thomas finds himself locked away in a sanitarium, put there by his sister. Supernatural events help him find his revenge. The reality of his world turns out to be shocking and terrifying. A great story of pulp horror.

Jane and John find themselves orphaned slaves in a time when two thirds of the world are zombies or dead and the government of the US is gone. When the chance comes for freedom they take it, but they end up unleashing zombies on locals in a small New Jersey town.

A collection of creepy and scary stories from horror author Steven Farkas. Whether it's a house with a haunted history, a case of love and murder, or an evil force attacking children in a small 17th century town, this collection will terrify you.

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