Welcome to the Harvesting Room is a speculative novella about an alternative dystopian U.S. future controlled by religious extremists following the Christian Party Movement and Sari Heilyn, a charismatic politician who has turned america into christian theocracy which controls every aspect of life. The story follows a pregnant 17 year old who must hide from the violent Stormtroopers of God or she will find herself used for harvesting like an animal. Welcome to the Harvesting Room is in the tradition of Brave New World, The Wanting Seed, Clockwork Orange, and Hand Maid's Tale. If you like those, you will like Welcome to the Harvesting Room

Dystopian Fiction

A collection of short stories about the dark and dirty underbelly of Post Industrial America. Homeless people try to carve out a life at Christmas, A Serial killer hides in plain sight helping the police to find the killer namely himself, A religious death cult, a husband commits murder-suicide, a rogue sheriff in the south kills anyone he doesn't like, these are just a few stories in this collection by Steven Farkas

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